Property Strategist and Educator

For decades, Ray Behan has been teaching people how to break free from the ‘9 to 5’ grind, and the uncertainty of their futures, by following a simple yet highly effective model by investing in specific types of property.

And he does this in 3 very specific ways…

1. Property Investing is like building a business.  It requires experience, a strategic and detailed 10-year plan, and access to a successful model that the best investors in Australia follow.

2. By showing you how to access a mountain of money to build your wealth.

3. By arming you with all the knowledge, tools and resources you need to achieve success and financial freedom through property, along with a team of people who deal with everything from start to finish.


Property Specialist 

Rob is our real estate agent with a difference.

Rob isn’t the ‘local guy’ – his territory is the entire country and with his market knowledge and contacts he can uncover exceptional deals wherever the market is about to move.

Did I mention he has 43 years experience?


Mortgage Broker

If mortgage broking was an art-form then Fab would be Picasso. Not only does he find finance for investors like you, he sets everything up from day one so there’s a plan in place to keep you borrowing over and over again.

It’s little wonder borrowers have trusted him to find over $1 billion in loans.
As an example, one of our clients was struggling to get finance for her first investment property. Fab got involved and changed her existing structure and found $500 a month for her – enough to get her over the line for her first investment.



Smart investors don’t invest to save tax. They invest to make money.

This doesn’t mean you should gift money to the tax office though. The more you save the more goes back into your pocket. And the easier it is to finance your next investment.

That’s where Tharanga comes in. He knows every single deduction you can claim (there’s over 200 of them on a new house alone) and how to structure your portfolio so you get every single cent back. Accountants like Tharanga are worth their weight in gold, and that’s why he’s on our team.



Property, finance and tax are changing all the time. What worked 5 years ago might not work today. Just like you, we’re open to new information and we’re always learning new and smarter ways to create wealth.



Everything we say, every deal we present you, every piece of advice we give you comes from a place of honesty and mutual respect. We understand that any dollar earned through dishonesty will be stolen from us in the same way.



When you’re a client, our door is always open to you. Whether it’s a quick question or an in depth discussion I won’t say no to you, or anybody.



Most people getting into property forget to treat property investing as a business.  With ‘Think and Grow’ we support our clients by including them in our 12 month educational and mentoring programs, ensuring that they are learning about the most successful property models, and by treating their property portfolio as a business.

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